I have a very specific need of allowing access to an unknown set of domains where they all have a common domain as referral.

Put the other way around I have a website including items (js, images, css, etc) from an unknown set of domains which I need to allow access through to.

I know referrals are set client side and can be edited. This is not a concern in this case as the users are already authenticated via credentials and logged.

Is allowing access based on referral possible in Squid?


You can, using the referer acl-type - quoting the manual:

acl aclname referer_regex [-i] regexp ...
  # pattern match on Referer header [fast]
  # Referer is highly unreliable, so use with care

An example configuration that should work:

acl myreferer referer_regex -i ^http://www.example.org
http_access allow myreferer
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  • Is this correct? I thought . was a metacharacter for any character – Nathan Goings Jan 21 '16 at 5:12

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