So I've set up a MediaWiki for managing some docs, we have AD integration set up and so far things are going fine...

But wow is managing permissions a pain in the butt! Requires editing LocalSettings every time, so as we add new sections I have to write PHP, bleh.

Anyone know of any wiki derivatives that support in-browser editing of permissions (by namespace would be fine, also, the ability to edit namespaces in the browser is a must!). I'd like to keep the ability to support wiki plugins (syntax, templates, AD integration and stuff).


I can't speak to AD integration (though I believe it supports AD) but I would strongly suggest Dokuwiki. It allows you to manage permissions, users, etc using the interface. It also can be configured to use a variety of database solutions or it can use flat files in the directory tree.


We're running with Confluence from Atlassian now (makers of Bitbucket), 10 users (cheap), it gets expensive fast after that though. :(


We're successfully using foswiki at work. Check it out. Free and flexible, permission management like you ask for and lots lots more.

Read about it at: http://foswiki.org/

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