I have different websites (more than 300) www.ca1.com, www.ca2.com. I would like bind all these sites to my main site - www.myMainsite.com programmatically. Can you help me in solving this. thanks.

Original post: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/8007548/binding-different-dns-to-one-dns-iis-7-programmatically/8007942#8007942


If you'd like, you can leverage PowerShell's Set-WebConfiguration interface to configure a defined system.webserver object, will handle the task of configuring URL Redirection for that defined object:


  • \sites\Default Web Site is your site.
  • domain.com is your destination

    Set-WebConfiguration system.webServer/httpRedirect "IIS:\sites\Default Web Site" -Value @{enabled="true";destination="domain.com";exactDestination="true";httpResponseStatus="Permanent"}

I'm sure there are further interfaces to the IIS config, but this is likely the easiest one.

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