In software development, i like to do tests. But are there any useful frameworks for automated tests for system configurations?

I think like you may be able to test a Backup-MX configuration: - whitebox test: domain should be in relay domains, domain may not be in mydestination - blackbox test: e-mail to backup-domain should be forwarded, e-mail to backup domain may not be rejected, e-mail to backup-domain may not be delivered locally.

Is there any framework for doing such tests? Of course i could grab any programming language and write unit-tests with a lot of system-calls, but there might be a helpful tool. Does anyone know such a tool?


Not sure about tests as such, but you can use tools like Puppet (http://puppetlabs.com/) to enforce a given configuration over a group of machines.

  • not what i really want. I want to write a Feature-Test, which verifies the Feature is configured the right way. Best Tests would be composed from two parts: white-box, testing the configuration which should be used is used, black-box, testing the configured functionality is really working as the service-user would expect it. – allo Dec 9 '11 at 9:26

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