Just looking for a direction to go. There are several HA/load-balancing packages for Ubuntu 10.04 and I'm not sure which one to use. Here is my scenario:

Using Postfix for smtp, dovecot for pop/imap.

Two servers:

In normal operation I want one server to respond to smtp and the other to pop/imap.

If any server fails I want the other to respond to both smtp and pop/imap.


Looking for one that is the easiest to set up while still allowing different routing depending on incoming port.


I have file replication already set up, I'm using gluster. This will replicate the email files between servers.

MySQL is a separate server that we are already using for our production postfix/dovecot authentication. WWW is also a separate server we're using for our webmail/postfixadmin service, using the aforementioned MySQL server.


You can use keepalived for high availability. You can define two VIPs: one for each service smtp and pop/imap. One node can be configured as master for smtp and the other can be configured as master for pop/imap. When any node fails, boths VIPs are assigned to the remaining node.

Also, keepalived supports several load balancing algorithms and can be configured with failover and check scripts.

  • I've decided to use corosync/pacemaker for HA and keep all the services as a fail over group. Decided not to go with replication but rather mounting an nfs share from our (windows) file server. I have a question posted on that if you want to take a look at it. serverfault.com/questions/354410/… – peg_leg Jan 27 '12 at 21:43

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