I have a local machine on my home network called "sheeva" (it's a sheevaplug linux server running subversion).

I can connect to it fine using it's local IP address of, and when I'm not connected to the VPN I can connect to it using the machine name "sheeva".

When I am connected to the office using VPN the name "sheeva" is being mapped to a totally different IP address. I can still connect to it fine using its IP address.

When I run nslookup "sheeva", I get two responses that are both different IP addresses than my local sheeva plug's IP address.

Is there a way to force Windows 7 to search for local machine names first? If so, would this solution make name resolution run significantly slower?

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    Do your VPN's DNS servers forward to resolvers that do NXDOMAIN hijacking, such as OpenDNS? And how is it resolving locally - via DNS from a local server, or something else like WINS or mDNS? Nov 11 '11 at 19:04

Check your interface binding and make sure your vpn interface is the first one. here's how to do it : http://techrena.net/view-change-network-adapter-card-priority-binding-order-windows-7/

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