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Tools for load-testing HTTP servers?

I need to load test a saas system to find capacity+bottlenecks.

My preferred method is to record a few 100,000s or millions of real acess log urls and run it as test with increasing hit rate.

I've looked at several services all have their pros and cons. before I dive into them, which stress test service would you recommend specifically for the use case above?

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you can use Apache Jmeter. the Best and Free alternatively, if you want to spend money, you can go for Hp LoadRunner.


Unless the system is trivially simple, then simply hitting URLs from a log file is not likely to exercise the system properly. Most requests will need to encapsulate some sort of state, such as a session ID received from a previous login step. If the system is very complex, many of the web-based services may not be able to handle it. There are a lot of commercial tools that can do this and cost a lot less that LoadRunner (such as our Load Tester product).

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