I have setup my git server using Gitosis. I need to checkout the repository as different user on the same machine.

Suppose there are two machines:

  1. Linux based server (on which the repo is held under user name "GIT"; another user "Dev1" is one of the developers)
  2. Windows machine (user name "tech_geek")

How can I checkout the repo as "Dev1" to the Windows machine and also as "tech_geek"? So there will be two repositories checked out on the windows machine.

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1) Clone Gitosis admin repo:

$ git clone git@SERVER:gitosis-admin.git

2) Add Dev1's and tech_geek's SSH public keys to gitosis-admin/keydir (rename each public key id_rsa.pub) as dev1.pub and tech_geek.pub. Add to file gitosis-admin/gitosis.conf

[group developers]
members = dev1 tech_geek
[group new_project]
writable = new_project
members = @developers

where new_project is repo name (without .git suffix)
3) Commit and push

$ cd gitosis-admin
$ git add .
$ git commit -m "New devs and repo for new_project"
$ git push

4) Try to clone repo (as user Dev1 or tech_geek) from Windows hosts

$ git clone git@SERVER:new_project.git

Nowadays use the environment variable GIT_SSH_COMMAND . (GIT_SSH_COMMAND="ssh -i ~/.ssh/id_rsa_example" git clone example)

See: https://superuser.com/questions/232373/how-to-tell-git-which-private-key-to-use

If you use one of the GUI tools it might be easier for you to choose the key.

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