I've just installed CentOS 6 with gnome but the graphical package manager no longer appears to be there.

I've tried installing both system-config-packages and pirut using Yum but neither finds anything. I've checked the package lists and it doesn't appear to be there.

I looked at this list which doesn't imply that there is an RPM at all for CentOS6. The package manager is available during the install, however. I don't recall seeing an option to include it in the installer but that's not to say it isn't there- I just don't fancy re installing the OS just to check if it's there.

Has the package been superseded by another package by a different name, or has it been removed completely? If so, are there any other graphical package managers I can try?

I generally use Yum but as I'm experimenting with CentOS6 at the moment it's just nice to have a quick graphical representation of the packages available.

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Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 uses PackageKit as the graphical package manager.

I presume CentOS 6 does the same.

  • It uses (or would appear to) PackageKit for it's updates but it isn't the equivalent of system-config-packages as far as I can tell Nov 16, 2011 at 14:23

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