I have a configured MySQL server (MySQL 5.1.47-community) that works perfect. I installed a second server (MySQL 5.5.15-community) to see if the new version of MySQL would work with my application before upgrading.

When I run the application against the new server it behaves different. When I run it against the old server (MySQL 5.1.47-community) everything works perfect.

I remember that I set some parameters through the MySQL prompt to accept larger result set and some other stuff, now I can't remember what I did.

So my question is: Is there a way to transfer all the MySQL settings from one server to another?



You can compare the output of 'show variables' on both mysql servers. 5.5 is going to have new features and different defaults than a 5.1 setup. I would recommend putting each set of settings into a file, comparing with diff, and looking for smoking gun(s).

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