I have a computer with windows 7 under a firewall which can only initiate connections to other computers. It has a proxy server on it (port 9000) and I want to forward it to another machine ( using netcat.

Suggestions/ideas as to how to do it? My plan was to use something like

1) On the remote machine: nc -l -p 80 -e 'nc -l -p 9000'

2) On the firewalled computer: nc 9000 -e 'nc 80'

The problem is: it doesnt work. I would love to use putty's ssh2 port forwarding, but it is completely broken and the bug is there since 2003. I doubt it will ever be fixed.


TCP tunnel (port forwarding) using Netcat

Here is how to establish a tunnel using netcat to a given host and port.

netcat -L -p 8080 -vvv

Listen on port 8080 of the server, and when somebody tries to connect, establish a link with (i.e.: SSH server).

netcat -L google.fr:80 -p 25000 -vvv

Listen on port 25000 of the server, and when somebody tries to connect, connect him to Google web server.

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