I am setting up a Vyatta router to replace my pfSense box that died. As I setting up the NAT rules I am not sure how they are processed.

Are Vyatta's NAT rules processed in the order of the list until the first match?

I have several rules that are destination rules for things like Zimbra and OpenVPN.

But at the bottom of my NAT rules I have a source NAT rule that defines anything coming from my subnet should be NAT'd to my second usable public IP address.

So if I needed a specific NAT rule like one for my Zimbra server which sits on the third usable public IP would that need to BEFORE the general NAT rule?


Rules are processed in accept numerical order. If Rule 1 processes and agrees with statement, then statement is applied. If Rule 1 is false, then rule is not applied and moves on to Rule 2.

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