The Default Website for Exchange 2010 on Windows SBS Server 2010 has been deleted (how and why is not important).

Now, obviously, I cant access emails via OWA or via HTTP for people offsite.

I can not figure out how to reinstall the default website to reinstall OWA and settings? I also can't log into Exchange Mangement Console. The attempt to connect to... using "kerberos" jauthenication failed (probably because it does not exist).

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Microsoft has an article summarizing the PowerShell cmdlets that can be used to recreate the client access virtual directories with links to the specific usage for each cmdlet. There's also a GUI option that they describe but since you're having trouble opening the Exchange Management Console that option probably won't work for you.

Basically, you're running a suite of cmdlets to remove the old virtual directories (which you indicate are gone already but, just for safety's sake, it's a good idea to run the remove cmdlets) and then running a series of cmdlets to re-create them.

Assuming your server is "SBSSERVER", the cmdlets to remove the virtual directories are:

Remove-AutodiscoverVirtualDirectory -Identity 'SBSSERVER\Autodiscover (Default Web Site)'
Remove-EcpVirtualDirectory -Identity 'SBSSERVER\ecp (Default Web Site)'
Remove-WebServicesVirtualDirectory -Identity 'SBSSERVER\EWS (Default Web Site)'
Remove-ActiveSyncVirtualDirectory -Identity 'SBSSERVER\Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync (Default Web Site)'
Remove-OABVirtualDirectory -Identity 'SBSSERVER\OAB (Default Web Site)'
Remove-OwaVirtualDirectory -Identity 'SBSSERVER\owa (default Web Site)'

To re-create the virtual directories:

New-AutodiscoverVirtualDirectory -name 'Autodiscover' -WebSiteName 'Default Web Site'
New-EcpVirtualDirectory -name 'ecp' -WebSiteName 'Default Web Site'
New-WebServicesVirtualDirectory -name 'EWS' -WebSiteName 'Default Web Site'
New-ActiveSyncVirtualDirectory -name 'Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync' -WebSiteName 'Default Web Site'
New-OABVirtualDirectory -name 'OAB' -WebSiteName 'Default Web Site'
New-OwaVirtualDirectory -name 'owa' -WebSiteName 'Default Web Site'

If you need to set special external or internal URLs for the sites (your public-facing FQDN on the OWA site, for example) you can add the appropriate ExternalURL or InternalURL argument to these cmdlets to set the URL at the time of creation.



That should be what you need.

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