I've built two similar Hyper-V servers. One is OK but other Windows Hyper-V Core fails in 1~4 days (BSODs with different reasons).

The only different parts are CPU & RAM. Now I'm testing the failed server with MemTest86+ and got an error; Test:8 Pass: 0 ...etc Count: 1

Is this error fatal? There are 4 modules of 4GB RAMs without ECC.

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    Looks pretty fatal to me. Try removing one DIMM at a time and re-running memtest. You may be lucky and have only one failed DIMM.
    – Polynomial
    Nov 24 '11 at 10:31
  • From your description, it is unclear if you have even run a complete test cycle yet (this takes hours sometimes). If there are not bright red parts on the screen, it hasn't found an error yet.
    – Sven
    Nov 24 '11 at 10:33

You ask what you do? You replace the RAM.

Still got the error? Make sure you're within specs (don't use cheap-ass RAM. Sometimes, manufacturers impose certain requirements on their OEM parts. Make sure the RAM is made for that particular machine. A prominent example is Apple, putting cheap ram in those, even when matching the OEM clocks/timings guarantees a BSOD, even when it's from the OEM itself. Get a certified one from the OEM, it works).


You call the company that sold you the box and ask for warranty. They should replace the RAM.

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