I want to use VAMT 2.0 to install product keys and active software in remote machines. Everything works fine as long as the ASync-In, DCOM-In, and WMI-In Windows Firewall rules are enabled and the action is set to Allow the connection. However, when I try using Allow the connection if it is secure (regardless of the connection security option chosen) VAMT won't connect to the remote machine. I tried using wbemtest and the error always is “The RPC server is unavailable”, error code 0x800706ba.

How do I setup at least some level of connection security for remote WMI access for VAMT to work? I googled for correct VAMT setup, read the Volume Activation 2.0 Step-by-Step guide, but no luck finding anything about connection security.


Instead of messing with the IPSEC rules on the firewalls, why don't you just alter the scope of the rules so that DCOM-in, ASYNC-in, and WMI-in are only allowed from your workstation's IP address. That should considerably cut down the risk.

  • That's what I considered as an alternative. I don't have a clue how connection security settings work in Windows Firewall so that's why I'm asking how to secure the connection at the first place :-) Nov 24 '11 at 13:02

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