I'm trying to compile MikeOS on windows. I've successfully (I think) created a floppy (.flp) image of the operating system. I want to convert it to a disk image (.iso) so I can run it in virtual box. I've tried

mkisofs -quiet -V 'MIKEOS' -input-charset iso8859-1 -o disk_images/mikeos.iso -b mikeos.flp disk_images/

Which is the command in the Linux build script. It does create an ISO image, but when I try to run in in VirtualBox, I get a black screen. What am I doing wrong? Here's my build script.


You don't want to create a bootable CD-rom from a bootable floppy, that'd involve some complexity around El Torito.

Just add a floppy controller!

Go into your VM's preferences, choose Storage, right-click on the storage tree and Add Floppy Controller. Then Add Floppy Device, pick the floppy image you generated (rename it to .raw if needed).

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