We use kvm on ubuntu 10.4 as virtualisation-solution (we have bash-scripted the whole networking, subneting, starting of vms.....

Is there a way to shutdown a kvm-guest without the usage of libvirt/virsh? A bash or python based solution would be great.


If you have started your VM with the monitor option (-monitor unix:/tmp/file.mon,server,nowait ), you can stop it by using echo 'system_powerdown' | socat - UNIX-CONNECT:/tmp/file.mon.

It send a ACPI signal to the VM, which can use it as you push your power button, and then do a shutdown.

  • The socat command wasn't installed by default on my Fedora (F14) box, but was available in the main repos. I'd never heard of socat, it's similar to netcat (nc). More info can be found on it's main site. Also this serverfault question was helpful in understanding the differences b/w netcat and socat.
    – slm
    Dec 11 '11 at 6:31

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