I've got a new client that wants to send batches of around 1000 emails weekly to their client list (all opt-in recipients).

Previously when I've built something for a client it has been their own mail server.

Can anyone recommend any alternatives to hosting their own mail server?

Google apps seems to have a 500 emails in 24hr limitation.

Google Groups would require recipient sign-up & wouldn't use the clients email address.

Other third party services?


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There are hundreds of services out on the net that are fantastic for this. Here are the ones I've used or currently use and I suggest all of them. Both cost money of course but its not too bad.

Campaign Monitor I love campaign monitor because It allows me complete freedom with the design very easily.

Mailchimp Mailchimp has some fantastic analytics information and pretty good design functionality.

  • I highly recommend Mailchimp. They've got a great product, and as a bonus, a great sense of humor. – berberich May 3 '09 at 1:07

One of the advantages of using a third party service is that they can deal with any CAN-SPAM issues that may arise. My day job is to support a very large integration with a third party email vendor. The integration is very large and we send several million emails a month.

You list is relatively small, so you won't need much to make them go. I'm not that familiar with the smaller vendors, but I have heard good things about both Campaign Monitor and MailChimp. Avoid the larger companies, because they will try to lock you into a yearly contract.

The larger vendors are DREAMmail, YesMail, ExactTarget, GoodMail, Zustek, and several others.


phplist is an open source php based mailout manager. I have used it to send to around 4k addresses. Has a 'double opt-in' system that ensures people who unsubscribe stay unsubscribed.

  • Unrelated. He's looking for SMTP relay solutions, not for software to manage mailing lists. – pablasso Sep 25 '09 at 12:03

You should look into some of the larger email contact list providers. There are a number that specialize in taking care of subscribers end to end and give you analytics and the like. Take a look at Exact Target, Vertical Response and maybe Webmail.us.


As a locally loaded application, I have use Maillist king Successfully for sending thousands of emails. The pro version contains a built-in smtp server.

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