I'm facing a wierd issue. I've a vm with solaris 11, and trying to write some bash scripts.

if, on the shell, I type :

export TEST=aaa

and subsequently run:


I correctly see a new environment variable named TEST whose value is aaa. If, however I do basically the same thing in a script. when the script terminates, I do not see the variable set. To make a concrete example, if in a file test.sh I have:

echo 1: $TEST   #variable not defined yet, expect to print only 1:
echo 2: $USER
echo 3:  $TEST
export TEST
echo 4:  $TEST

it prints:

2: daniele
3: sss
4: sss

and after its execution, TEST is not set in the shell. Am I missing something? I tried both to do export TEST=sss and the separate variable set/export with no difference.

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export - make variable available for child processes, but not for parent.

source - run script in shell without creating child process

For exalmpe, persistent variable can be realised by writing to file

echo 1: $TEST   #variable not defined yet, expect to print only 1:
if [ -r ${CONFIGFILE} ]; then
  # Read the configfile if it's existing and readable
  source ${CONFIGFILE}
echo 2: $TEST
echo 3: $USER
echo 4:  $TEST
echo 5:  $TEST
  • This is also not exactly what I wanted to achieve, but I got your point. thanks.
    – Daniele
    Dec 1, 2011 at 19:11

To make your variables visible, you need to source the script which exports your variables. See man source.

  • 1
    likely there isn't a source manpage, and you want help source in bash instead.
    – stew
    Nov 30, 2011 at 17:20
  • this works if I directly invoke the script, (i.e. if I source the script with the export from the shell), but it doesn't seem to work if I source the script from within another script.
    – Daniele
    Dec 1, 2011 at 19:03

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