I'm wanting to create a bootable Linux + Xen Hypervisor on a USB stick.

I have it working how I want on a hard drive but for cloud deployment I'd like it to boot xen to a ram disk and mount the internal hard drive to /xen

The idea being that I can deploy new xen servers by just plugging in a USB stick.

How would I go about getting linux and xen onto a USB stick? I'm looking for some good tutorials but haven't found that many that suit. Apart from ones that convert ISO boot CD images to USB.

Note: I am not interested in answers that show me how to put xenserver on a usb stick. Xenserver is not linux + xen hypervisor.

  • What have you tried so far? Most usb sticks just show up as a regular /dev/sdx, so you should be able to pick that as a drive and install onto it. If the installer does not want to work with a non-hdd, you can always make a ext{2,3,4} partition on the USB stick and make it boot with EXTLINUX, point it at the hypervisor, and let it boot. – Marcin Dec 1 '11 at 2:01
  • I haven't tried it yet, just been researching on common methods. I think I will attempt to do it as you state. – Matt Dec 9 '11 at 21:32

Perhaps the Apline Linux Live XEN iso is what you are looking for

Alpine Linux Downloads

  • just tried, the boot fails somewhere after the first steps with xen.gz things.. – xealits Sep 12 '16 at 17:56

As i can see this thread is still alive, so, maybe, my answer will help someone. I recently stucked with similar problem and it was hard to me to create a bootable USB. Boot hanged or USB wasn't properly identified. I haven't found the reason of problem, but i suppose it's related with UEFI, because OS images i used started properly from VMs... I have managed to create a bootable USB with latest Alpine Xen iso image using Easy 2 Boot tool. E2B i installed on flash using Windows7 VM. On XP VM i got some errors while installing it. On Ubuntu 12.04 i tryied a lot of startup disk creator tools and none of them worked for 100% sure.

  • In the end I managed to create a netbootable version of xen. Then the images were stored on ceph. – Matt Jan 2 '17 at 21:12

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