We have an Exchange 2010 SP1 Update 3 server with 3 user mailstores.

A user was created a few days back and working fine then lost connectivity to the mailbox, it turns out Exchange had quarantined the mailbox, we followed these steps and it was OK for a few hours.


It then failed again so we decided to disable the user mailbox & start again, regrettably the admin selected ‘Remove’ and deleted everything from AD.

The user was then recreated and the mailbox recreated, all appears finr in the EMC but when using OWA etc the users calendar etc errors (such as MapiExceptionJetErrorKeyDuplicate)

In the server logs we’re seeing Event ID: 1205 MSExchangeIS Mailbox Store - Failed to create the mailbox 0xfffff9bb

The user mailbox has been removed for Exchange & AD several times, the account looks fine in AD it seems to be related more to Exchange.

We’ve dismounted stores, restarted the Information Store,

Ran ”get-MailContact -OrganizationalUnit | Update-Recipient”

We’ve attempted to create other mail enabled users and all’s fine so we’re happy with the store integrity, it looks like a UID issue “MapiExceptionJetErrorKeyDuplicate” how can we clear any orphaned entries?

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