Used to ban some flood-bots with

route add -host $ip reject

But couple of 'good' IPs were banned as well. My question is stupid (but I've searched and found no good solution (all were large and/or didn't work)):

How to unban it if I know the IP ?

Tried to use this:

route del -host - just for example. I tried the exactly banned IP.

It said:

SIOCDELRT: No such process

Hoping for answers. Thanks.


route add reject blocks the IP.

route del reject unblocks it.

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    Solved. Grand Merci! – ABTOMAT Dec 4 '11 at 9:19

Use man route:

route del -host $ip

To block certain IPs you should however use iptables (route is not for firewalling).

iptables -I INPUT -s $ip/32 -j DROP
  • Thanks for answer. I already tried route del, but it doesn't do the trick: s090:/home/www/web5 # route del -host [some ip] SIOCDELRT: No such process – ABTOMAT Dec 3 '11 at 11:59

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