I am setting up a "server closet". I have not worked with server racks before. I got a server rack free on Craigslist. I am not sure how many "U" it is - it's about 6 feet tall.

I bought two 4U cases and moved my hardware into them.

Now I need to mount the cases into the cabinet. It came with a bunch of these sliding rails that are about 1" tall. I wonder if these are specially for the narrow 1U hardware. I would expect a flat piece of metal that I could screw into the side of my cases. These rails are sort of "U-shaped". The top and bottom edges of the rails extend into the rack maybe 1/8", and the center of the rails are flat against the edge of the rack.

Is it normal for rails to have this kind of shape? If I need to get rails, what is a good vendor online? The prices seem to be way out of proportion to what you get (a thin piece of metal).

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The rails have to match your server case. If you got the rails with your case then they should be the correct rails.

  • Sounds like the rails came with the rack, not the servers. Rails are server specific, and should fit any rack of the same depth. – dunxd Dec 8 '11 at 13:52
  • Yes, but there are rackspecific emergency so to say rails that work as an artificial floor. L shaped. – TomTom Dec 8 '11 at 14:19

From what I've seen the rack widths are standard (19"?) and the spacing of the holes is standard. The rails are different depending on the vendor but I know I have seen generic rack-mountable shelves and L-brackets that will accept rack-mountable servers. The new Dell and HP rails are fantastic, you can snap them into place in a few minutes without any tools.

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