Is there any web based GUIs to analyse or in realtime filter/grep log files from apache? log files that are access logs or error logs or postfix logs etc.

Edit: I don't mean traffic analysis. Much more about greping error logs to locate some error trails. locating php fatal errors, or Exceptions in error logs which is mostly a tail+grep exersize.

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  • Splunk, phpsyslog-ng, ... – quanta Dec 9 '11 at 4:20

I'm writing one - tailon. It's a simple web interface to tail -f and tail -f | {awk,grep,sed}.


Webalyzer, Urchin, Google Analytics (via upload), AWStats just to name a few. These will parse and visualize your log data. (For web stuff)

If you want something 'nifty' but limited in practicality, look at Logstalgia.

For any and all logs, there's not too much and it's answered elsewhere on this site


Yet another one - Loganalyzer

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