I have a web server at home. My IP address changes very often. My domain registrar is GoDaddy, so DynDNS does not work because GoDaddy only allows IP addresses for the A DNS Record. I can set a CNAME for www.mydomain.com that points to mydomain.dyndns.org, but I can't set an A Record.

The only solution that I can come up with is to buy a web hosting service and "proxy" the traffic to my IP. I'd redirect all traffic from example.com/* to index.php (or a script using another language) using .htaccess. Then I'd use index.php to fetch the content from my server at home.

Are there better ways to implement this?

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    Solution to what? You forgot to state what the problem is. What's wrong with making www.mydomain.com a CNAME for your dyndns name? – David Schwartz Dec 11 '11 at 4:10

The fact that your registrar is GoDaddy doesn't mean you have to use GoDaddy's nameservers.

You can host your domain with any DNS hosting provider, just in registrar control panel you change nameservers from godaddy's to those of your DNS hosting, like Dyn or whatever you like (the biased list may be helpful).


A records are IPv4 addresses, that's where the A comes from. You should set up a CNAME record.

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