On a Win7 box I've setup a User Defined collector set in perfmon. I clicked on it to start it, waited 30 seconds, then clicked to stop. My understanding was that I could go under the Reports folder and see an entry representing the stats the were collected for that 30 second period but I don't see anything. When i go into the properties of the collector set I do see a tab for directory and configurations for how to name files. When I went to that directory I didn't see any output files there as well.

I'm running with administrator privileges.

Is there some additional configuration needed?



This problem occurs most likely because the user sets something wrong, therefore you have to re-cechk your settings. I prepared a small list here :

  • User needs to have write access to the destination folder
  • If you run it remotely, be sure to use a domain account
  • re-check where you store the output file check this field
  • check your stop condition (rightclick on data collector and properties. check if you selected a 0 second overall duration or some other mistake)
  • if that doesn't help change the destination path to something else to re-check

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