Can someone recommend an open source captive portal that can run on a Linux machine(not wifi routers) with voucher support?

I know wifidog can be configured to use username and password authentication but I just want a key that is valid for say 1 hour which can be used to access Internet. After that hour, the user will have to get another voucher to continue using internet. Is this possible with wifidog?

I don't want to use pfsense(or other distro based solutions) as I already have a Linux machine doing other stuff and would like to install captive portal on it.

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Yes, as per the documentation:

Paid tokens

You buy access for a day or an hour using a credit card. Examples: Most typical commercial hotspot operators.


  • Thanks Elbert. I tried to setup Wifidog for weeks and I got the gateway to work properly but the auth server just wouldn't work. I also tried authpuppy but no luck with that either. In the end I had to use pfsense and it was a 15 minute to get it up and running! – Debianuser Dec 24 '11 at 16:47

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