Hello I have a strange problem, I want to transfer files via ftp between two servers. When I transfer the files sing the client, it works fine, but when I use command line I get: 425 Can't open data connection. When I use the command line from my computer it works fine. I configured Passive mode of the server to use ports 5000-5100, and opened them on both servers, in Inbound and Outbound sections. What am I missing?


By "using the client" I assume you mean the Filezilla GUI client? Is that set to use passive mode? If you are using passive mode you need to also direct the command-line client to use passive mode. The command-line client uses active mode by default. Enter the following statement after you connect to the ftp server:


So, the full conversation would be like

C:\> ftp ftp.mydomain.com  
[enter your login and password as necessary]  
ftp> GET somefile.txt  
ftp> BYE

Give that a shot and see if it works for you.

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