I did a fresh install of Redmine on Ubuntu 10.04, following the instructions here

After the installation, I visited http://localhost/redmine, and the site came up successfully. I then registered a user by clicking Register. It seemed successful, but I was unable to login with the user. In /etc/redmine/default/database.yml, it lists a user named redmine and a password (that I had entered during the installation) stored in plain text. I was also unable to login with this account.

Are there any ideas? Perhaps there is something obvious that I'm missing. Is there a way for me to manually check and see if the users I registered were registered successfully?

Note I noticed in the documentation that when registering a user, Redmine is supposed to send an email to the user in order to activate the account. It's not doing this, which could be the problem. This still doesn't explain why I can't login with the redmine account though.


The default account information in Redmine is:

username: admin

password: admin

This account works - my other accounts were failing to login because they had not been activated. I was able to activate the users by logging in with the admin account and going to the Administration page.


I'm not sure if this is the standard procedure but you have to log-in as Admin and enable the other accounts you created. User Registration creates an account but will not activate the account.

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