We've got a series of debs for different projects and different environments to install them in: dev, build/test qa (less formal), qa (formal), and production.

I would really like to create a system by which I can in some way indicate what version of each package belongs in each environment, and then have them automatically deploy.

I've debated using a local debian repository but that's a lot more than seems needed. And, I've wondered if I could create a private repository just for the debs that I have, much akin to Ubuntu's PPA. I know that we use CF Engine for deploying and managing configurations on servers, though I'm not sure if its made for deploying debian packages.

Is there a right way to go about this?

Update It seems that CF Engine can be used for managing debian packages.


Use a local repository for each environment. mini-dinstall is a simple enough repository manager, but you will have to move packages between repositories manually.

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