I've got a large number of zone-files in tinydns format, and I'm wondering if there is any lint-like tool to test such a zone-file for correctness?

I could write one in perl, testing the format of each line "+", "@", "6", etc. But it seems like something should be in existence.

Any pointers welcome.

Update: I've knocked up a simple script sufficient for my needs:


I once did some checks - I think I used a perl program for that. Not sure if it was dnswalk. For most of these tools it does not matter what type of DNS-server you have. They do try a zone-transfer and then analyse the results.

Update 2012-01-19: I did search my mail-archives today.

The tool I used 6 years ago (and today again) is called "The DNS-sleuth". It was/is indeed perl-based.

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  • Ideally I'd like to check the records before I upload them. So anything relying upon a zone-transfer is too late.. – user9565 Dec 30 '11 at 22:30
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    If you version control on a local system, then you can run a copy of tinyDNS strictly for validation of changes before check-in. Run the the public DNS on files checked out of the repository. – BillThor Dec 31 '11 at 0:43

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