I'm migrating an ASP.NET app from IIS6 to IIS7 and in doing this I'm also porting my rewrite settings from Intelligencia.UrlRewriter to using IIS rewriting.

In have some problems with "Rejected-By-Urlscan" errors (urls like /åäö.html should be redirected to my 404 page).

In Intelligencia.UrlRewriter this worked:

<rewrite url="^~/Rejected-By-UrlScan" to="~/sidan-finns-inte.html"/>

I ported this to:

  <rule name="Rejected-By-UrlScan">
    <match url="^Rejected-By-UrlScan" />
    <action type="Rewrite" url="/sidan-finns-inte.html" />

But I keep gettings IIS internal 404 error instead of my 404 error (sidan-finns-inte.html).

How can I fix this?


I solved it by adding:

   <httpErrors errorMode="Custom">
      <remove statusCode="404" subStatusCode="-1" />
      <error statusCode="404" path="/404.aspx" responseMode="ExecuteURL" />
      <remove statusCode="500" subStatusCode="-1" />
      <error statusCode="500" path="/Error.aspx" responseMode="ExecuteURL" />

In Web.Config

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