I would like to search for lines that contain "uploaded" but do not contain "09"

Is there a way to do this with grep?

(CentOS 5.6 if it matters).


I usually chain greps to do this.

grep uploaded $file | grep -v 09

You can use the -v option to grep to invert the match so

grep uploaded file | grep -v 09

will do what you want. This finds the lines that contain uploaded which are passed piped into a grep command to ignore lines with 09 in them.


This isn't using grep - but anytime I have a need that requires more than a basic grep, I turn to my favorite, sed. Certainly any time I have to chain grep commands together...

Use this command to do it:

sed -n '/09/d; /uploaded/p' file

Just one single command (not two).


Try simply:

( grep -v 09 | grep uploaded ) < file


$ cat file
1 uploaded 09
2 09
3 uploaded
4 text
$ ( grep -v 09 | grep uploaded ) < file
3 uploaded

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