Has anyone used juju (ensemble) to deploy softwares on Eucalyptus' instances successfully ?

Although the official FAQ says that juju is only support EC2 ( currently ), but I've found someone (ex.) got OpenStack setting in juju's environment.yaml

But when I tried the similar settings in my file, juju will throw HTTP 500 ERROR or still connect to AWS and complained that the access keys is not in records.

Or there are some other ways to mass deploy softwares on cloud instances ?

My juju server is also an Ubuntu 11.10 instance; booted from simple EMI from Ubuntu Cloud Images . And it can access to the cloud controller server.


Due to https://bugs.launchpad.net/txaws/+bug/907450 Juju currently does not support Eucalyptus.

Soon this bug will be fixed and you will be able to use Juju on Eucalyptus.

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