I've just bought a used hp proliance DL380 G4. This kind of servers are new to me...

I've got it up and running WHS2011 without any problems.

It has 2 power supplies , 2 processors and raid. I would like a notification (preferable by email or sms) if one of the components fail. Now if i unplug a power supply or hdd..it keeps on running..but i can't see it anywhere (except bios bootup)

What software would i need. Tried to install hp inside manager..but that did not install..and seems way to big.


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    Better off asking this on serverfault. – Chris J Jan 12 '12 at 22:23

That's a great piece of hardware. You need to install HP Proliant Support Pack (free download from HP). It can send traps and emails (but email functionality is a little less than perfect). You can also use HP SIM (Systems Insight Manager) but it's probably an overkill for just one system. Also free from HP.

  • THANKS... did not see that at first on software page..works perfect. – arnold Jan 16 '12 at 20:58

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