What is the easiest way to clear all the /var/log/ logs so that it just looks like a fresh system? I know that the fresh system also have logs, but I don't acctualy need the old ones....


If you need to truncate logs:

cd /var/log
for i in *
do test -f $i -a -s $i && > $i
  • I can't do a 1 character edit, so I'll post it as a comment: the correct path is /var/log in the first line. – Teun Vink Jan 3 '14 at 20:43

This is a bit old now but I came up with a slightly more robust solution based on yarek's answer. First it will go through and delete all of the logs that were rotated out by logrotate (eg: dmesg.2.gz, auth.log.1, etc.) then it will recurse through /var/log/ for logfiles and clear them.

rm -rfv /var/log/{*.[0-9],*.[0-9].gz}
for i in `find /var/log/ -type f`; do
        if [ -f $i ] && [ -s $i ]; then
                echo "" > $i

I've found this very useful when prepping a live system for creating a live image.

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