please advice how to solve this problem I have linux with informix DB its fail on - Fatal error in shared memory creation

su - informix

-sh-2.05b$ oninit -v

    ONCONFIG /usr/informix/etc/onconfig.active is not owned by user with id 4000.
    Checking group membership to determine server run modesucceeded
    Reading configuration file '/usr/informix/etc/onconfig.active'...succeeded
    Creating /INFORMIXTMP/.infxdirs ... succeeded
     Creating infos     file "/usr/informix/etc/.infos.active_trm" ... "/usr/informix/etc/.conf.active_trm" ... s succeeded
    Writing to infos file ... succeeded
    Checking config parameters...succeeded
    Allocating and attaching to shared memory...FAILED
    oninit: Fatal error in shared memory creation

oninit -i

  This action will initialize IBM Informix Dynamic Server;
   any existing IBM Informix Dynamic Server databases will NOT be accessible -
   Do you wish to continue (y/n)? 
   please enter 'y' or 'n'...
   Do you wish to continue (y/n)? y
   oninit: Fatal error in shared memory creation

Your shared memory segments may not have cleared properly. Run onclean -ky command. This should hopefully clear any lingering shared memory segments.

If this doesn't work, run ipcs command to identify the memory segments and remove using ipcrm


Make sure you have rights 660 on your ROOTPATH file, see the location on $INFORMIX/etc/[your_onconfig].

Launch oninit -ivy for more details or see log on your MSGPATH file.

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