I'm looking for tools that will work on either Linux/Unix or Windows Server that for a given set of servers in an enterprise environent, will:

  • Identify the server [via hostname, or some other unique attribute]
  • List the the number & type of CPUs + cores
  • Enumerate the storage devices used by the server
  • Provide CPU and storage utilization data
  • Provide load, network & storage I/O metrics

The goal is to gather accurate metrics about the current environment that will drive the design of an equivelent environment virtually or in the IaaS cloud [e.g AWS].

I found a couple of options so far:

Some of this data can be gathered directly from the OS but I rather use a tool that has that functionality and presents the data in an easy to understand manner. Does VMWare provide any tools for this? Other suggestions?

  • I am looking for a similar set of tools. Execs want numbers and right now the calculator tools provided by places like Amazon and Azure ask you to assume a lot. – Tyson Navarre Apr 27 '12 at 13:44

VMWare used to offer a product called "Guided Consolidation" that did just what you describe but it appears to no longer by available and possibly replaced with a product I've not personally used called "IT Advisor" that's part of the "VMWare Go" product set.

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