I've noticed a number of similar questions here on this topic but not quite on the money for the issue I'm seeing. Here's the details:

Windows 2008 DC, 3 Windows 7 Ultimate x64 clients; Profiles share created on the DC (\server\Profiles{user account}) GPO for providing folder redirection on the Documents, Favourites and Desktop folders - Grant Exclusive Rights disabled; redirection for each user account points to \server\Profiles{user account}

Originally, all three workstations were in workgroup mode; I used the 3rd party ProfWiz utility to migrate users A and B to the domain and push their data to the share on the server - worked flawlessly. Both can log-on and see, for example, that their Documents folder is mapped to \server\Profiles{user account} in Windows Explorer.

User C, whole other matter. Things are FUBARed for them. Their profile seems to have become hopelessly tangled and pointing to the wrong place. On log-in they get a basic desktop, not their original one. Their folders appear pointing to the {user account} folder under Profiles and not their {user account}.V2 folder where all their data resides.

When I check their profile on the workstation it shows as Roaming/Roaming. On the DC, their account profile is pointing to \server\Profiles{user account}. Looking at the logs, there isn't anything untoward - just Info messages indicating the operation is correct.

I'm baffled as to why this profile hasn't taken despite having all outward appearances of being correct. Any help gratefully accepted.

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In the end, the only viable solution I found to the problem was to re-create the user's account using a backup of their Documents, Favourites and Desktop folders, first as a local, workgroup machine profile, then re-running the ProfWiz migration tool to join them to the domain and copy over their folders to the file share.

Prior to doing this, I took ownership of their errant folders in the \{server}\Profiles\ share so that they could be re-created. It took a couple of log-on/log-off cycles to get everything to synch back up and working.

So, word to the wise: Keep a backup of the user's profile before you do the migration and be prepared to wipe the slate clean and restart rather than disentangling a mangled profile migration. It will take less time - even if it is aggravating.

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