I am running NFS on a Mac OS X Server 10.4. I had originally set up the NFS exports in the GUI, and restricted the IP addresses in the GUI to which it can export.

Right now, I only have command-line (ssh) access to the Mac. When I run showmount -e, it returns


which is correct. However, I want to change the IP addresses to which it is exported to and

When I run nicl . -list /exports, it prints

116        /Volumes/Data/myshare

but I do not know how to change any information in nicl.

There is no /etc/exports file, and when I run find / -exec grep -H "172.18.150" {} \; nothing comes up. nfsd is running.

How can I change the allowed IP addresses in the command-line on Mac OS X Server 10.4?


Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger uses NetInfo database, which was discontinued in 10.5 Leopard. For 10.4:

nicl . -delete 116 clients
nicl . -delete 116 clients
nicl . -append 116 clients
nicl . -append 116 clients

Then restart the NFS server.

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