I need to remove .mp4 from www.foo.com/bar/rab/video.mp4

So I am left with www.foo.com/bar/rab/video

So far I have

location ~* ^/bar/rab/(.*)$ {
    rewrite ^/bar/rab/(.*)$/$(.mp4) /$1/$2 break;
    proxy_pass https://foo.s3.amazonaws.com;

However I think I am miles wrong, could anyone please explain and help me



How about:

location ~* ^/bar/(.*).mp4$ {
    rewrite ^/bar/(.*).mp4 /bar/$1 break;
    proxy_pass https://foo.s3.amazonaws.com;

Here's something about Perl-compatible Regular Expressions which is what nginx uses:


Here's a regex tester:


So if you stick "^/bar/(.*).mp4" in the regex field (the first part of the rewrite), and put "/bar/rab/foo.mp4" in the text field, and then put "/bar/$1" in the replace-with field (the second part of the rewrite), you will get "/bar/rab/foo" as expected.

  • I have edited my question, could you have a look again please :) – Oliver Bayes-Shelton Jan 27 '12 at 15:41
  • Well, you can just modify the pattern to have /rab in there. On the other hand, the pattern match is broad enough so that it will probably work as is. Why don't you try it? – cjc Jan 27 '12 at 15:50

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