I am trying to configure a reservation for my Galaxy.

The problem is that my DHCP is giving out an IP address to an obviously invalid MAC address (Galaxy Mac Address) - Please note attached screenshot . Why just two characters Address?

Why is Windows 2003 Server recognizing this MAC Address?

The Wireless router recognizes the correct address.

Is anyone having the same problem?





If you know the MAC address, you should be able to manually enter it as a reservation in DHCP. Is that not possible? If it is, does it work and does DHCP continue to assign an IP based on the unusual 2 character address?


Yes, it can be entered as a reservation in DHCP. However, the device never receives the address it should, unless the IP address is entered into it manually. For example, even if "john-galaxy", MAC 0123456789ab, is assigned an address, it will still be receiving temporary (dud) addresses from the pool. Looking at the address leases, I would see "john-galaxy" listed with a temporary, automatically-assigned address (that is blocked from the internet), along with a two-character MAC. It would also be listed under permanent reservations with its correct IP and MAC addresses, but it wouldn't actually use those.

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