I created GIT server on my CentOS with Apache. (push/pull are go trough http and Apache)

I followed those instructions: http://www.jedi.be/blog/2009/05/06/8-ways-to-share-your-git-repository/

Push command is very slow. Every time I push it takes more than 10s (even if I changed one line of code from last push).

Is this normal?

Size of repozitory is 150MB.

Operation which takes most of the time is:

updating 'refs/heads/master' from 00c9d81959fc020c9f273e7c2887af461a52e0cf to

What could be wrong?


WebDAV is not particularly fast, although you might want to see about disk and CPU usage on your server. My advice would be to create a brand new repository with nothing in it, and see how the speeds increase/decrease as you add commits, just to verify that its not a size issue (or a diff issue).

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