I'm trying to uninstall MacPorts, following the instructions at MacPorts Manual.

But there is a cyclical dependency, related to python26, X and tk. The is my port list:

bzip2                          @1.0.6          archivers/bzip2
db46                           @4.6.21         databases/db46
expat                          @2.0.1          textproc/expat
fontconfig                     @2.8.0          graphics/fontconfig
freetype                       @2.4.8          print/freetype
freetype                       @2.4.8          print/freetype
gdbm                           @1.10           databases/gdbm
gdbm                           @1.10           databases/gdbm
gettext                        @       devel/gettext
libiconv                       @1.14           textproc/libiconv
libxml2                        @2.7.8          textproc/libxml2
ncurses                        @5.9            devel/ncurses
ncurses                        @5.9            devel/ncurses
ncursesw                       @5.8            devel/ncursesw
openssl                        @1.0.0g         devel/openssl
python26                       @2.6.7          lang/python26
readline                       @6.2.000        devel/readline
sqlite3                        @3.7.10         databases/sqlite3
tcl                            @8.5.11         lang/tcl
tk                             @8.5.11         x11/tk
Xft2                           @2.2.0          x11/Xft2
xorg-kbproto                   @1.0.5          x11/xorg-kbproto
xorg-libpthread-stubs          @0.3            x11/xorg-libpthread-stubs
xorg-libX11                    @1.4.4          x11/xorg-libX11
xorg-libXau                    @1.0.6          x11/xorg-libXau
xorg-libxcb                    @1.7            x11/xorg-libxcb
xorg-libXdmcp                  @1.1.0          x11/xorg-libXdmcp
xorg-libXext                   @1.3.0          x11/xorg-libXext
xorg-libXScrnSaver             @1.2.1          x11/xorg-libXScrnSaver
xorg-renderproto               @0.11.1         x11/xorg-renderproto
xorg-scrnsaverproto            @1.2.1          x11/xorg-scrnsaverproto
xorg-xcb-proto                 @1.6            x11/xorg-xcb-proto
xorg-xextproto                 @7.2.0          x11/xorg-xextproto
xorg-xproto                    @7.0.22         x11/xorg-xproto
xrender                        @0.9.6          x11/xrender
zlib                           @1.2.5          archivers/zlib

How can I get rid of MacPorts?


Ignore the --follow-dependents option and just use:

sudo port -fp uninstall installed

Then proceed with the second step.

Even if the first step fails, the following rm should delete all the files installed by MacPorts. It usually installs all files into /opt/local, except for a few files that have to be in a specific directory, such as the startup files in /Library/LaunchDaemons and the application bundles in /Applications/MacPorts.

  • Thanks. As I had homebrew also installed I was afraid to delete more stuff than necessary. But it happened homebrew was using another base location (/usr/local).
    – tuler
    Feb 27 '12 at 19:33

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