I am (batch) scripting my Veritas Cluster Server 6.0 configuration. The Process resources I am configuring need to run as user domain\user (the "UserName" attribute). I have tried to enter the "Password" attribute via the command line, using the listed methods. Any suggestions on how to script password configurations?

Method 1: Plaintext (no worky)

C:\>hares -modify MyResource Password mypassword

Method 2: vcsencrypt.exe (no worky)

C:\>vcsencrypt -agent domain\user
C:\>hares -modify MyResource Password AMEmPMnMBmJMoKMoFOdMFoC

Method 3: GUI (works, but need scripting option)

  1. Select Resource
  2. Edit/enter "Password" Scalar Value
  3. Accept that password will be encrypted
  4. Observe hashed password shown in configuration
  5. Successfully online resource


Veritas Cluster Server: 6.0 Operating System: Windows 2008 R2


Figured it out: Method 2 above actually works. The resource I was attempting to online had its own (incorrect) credentials. Operator error.

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