I have setup a Squid proxy on a small machine which have 640MB of ram. I have also disabled the cache with "cache deny all"

When I checked the cahce log... I see an error like this :

CPU Usage: 0.248 seconds = 0.140 user + 0.108 sys

Maximum Resident Size: 51232 KB

Page faults with physical i/o: 0

Memory usage for squid via mallinfo():

   total space in arena:    2112 KB

   Ordinary blocks:         2107 KB     19 blks

   Small blocks:               0 KB      1 blks

   Holding blocks:         26652 KB      9 blks

   Free Small blocks:          0 KB

   Free Ordinary blocks:       4 KB

   Total in use:           28759 KB 1362%

   Total free:                 4 KB 0%

Can some one please explain this?


This is not an error. You can read some explanation from here.

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