I installed hyperv and some client machines. Now i need to connect to any of client machine and host by using rdp through internet. This instruction tell me what i need to configure port forwarding on router, but i haven't router - cable pluged into server.

I suppose, I need configure some software to forward some ports connection to guests machine ips. For example, request to 3333 port route to and request to 3334 port route to

So, does my assumption correct or how can I accomplish rdp connection through internet?

Thanks for help!


This is a terrible setup you ahve - one driven by not knowing what is around and listening to bad advice.

here is what I did:

  • I have a Hyper-V instance that runs REMOTE DESKTOP GATEWAY (Terminal Services Gateway) - it is a standard windows service. It has a public IP.

  • I can then connect to i via RDP client with the IP (domain name) as GATWAY, and it forwards the request to the end machine.

Works like a charm, can limit feaures per user and... also forces RDP obver HTTP which makes it easier to conenct through some firewalls at clients. This is the technology made for that issue - port forwarding is a clumsy workaround mostly used by people (for RDP) not able to read the documentation and thus being ignorant towards it's existence.


explains how it works then.

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