I have multiple server mounting their $HOME from a file server. On the clients I have set in /etc/sysconfig/autofs


The client also mount directories from other files servers to /shared and /cifs I was wondering if there is a way to control BROWSE_MODE specifically for different maps, e.g I want to have BROWSE_MODE=yes for /shared and /cifs.

I saw in the Arch Wiki and Gentoo the flag --ghost, can I use it in RHEL/CENTOS ?

I am thinking about changing to


And then in auto.master

shared  auto.shared -rw,grpid,hard,intr,nodevs,nosuid (some ghost option here?)

It seems that --ghost mode is available in centos 5.7

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I got it myself. The documentation about it is quite lacking in Red Hat, but we do have Arch Wiki :-)

So, Adding the flag --ghost to specific maps will show them.

Now my setting look like this:

# cat /etc/sysconfig/autofs

# cat /etc/auto.master
/home /etc/auto.home  
/shared   auto.share -rw,grpid,hard,intr,nodevs,nosuid --ghost

So ls /home does not show anything, and ls /shared does show the stuff. The meaning of --ghost is that ghost directories are created even though the automounter does not mount them.

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