Are there any configuration or installation hazards to setup both Postgresql-8.4 and MySQL on the same server and running them side by side, other than performance?

The server is running Debian etch.


  • I've had MySQL and PostgreSQL running side by side on a test server for several years without a problem. As you say, though, performance may be an issue on a production server, depending on the workload. – Bruce Alderman Jul 14 '09 at 14:52

i do have similar configuration live. they [ mysql-server-5.0 and postgresql-8.3 [ not 8.4 as you ask ]] work fine together.

it's not like with smtp servers postfix vs exim - mysql and postgres do not replace each other from the system perspective. but obviously those two db engines will compete for system resources [ cpu, io ] if you are going to put high load on them [ but there is nothing wrong with it ].

  • Agreed. The only issue I expect that you would see is the two competing for CPU/memory resources. If you have enough CPU power and RAM to go around then all should be fine. – David Spillett Jul 5 '09 at 2:52

No, it will work correctly.


No should run OK - and you can even minimise performance issues if you have their data on separate physical drives and enough RAM/cores.

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