I would like to have the following functionality in Exchange 2010 on SBS2011.

  • department mailboxes dep1@domain.com, dep2@domain.com
  • personal mailboxes user1@domain.com, user2@domain.com etc.
  • avoid using distribution lists for duplicate emails


  • user1, user2 are part of dep1, user3, user4, user5 part of dep2
  • user1 and user2 should see both mailboxes (user1 and dep1) or (user2 and dep1) mailboxes
  • outgoing mail for dep1 should be sent from dep1 and not user1
  • outgoing mail for user1 should be sent from user1 mailbox

I would like to know how to configure mailboxes and Exchange in order to have this scenario working.

  • You've made a fine statement but haven't actually asked a question. Should we infer by your statement that you're asking how to go about setting this up? – joeqwerty Feb 16 '12 at 11:46
  • Yes, I would like to know how to setup mailboxes and Exchange to get the wanted result. – John Feb 16 '12 at 11:58

Mail enable a public folder for each department and set the appropriate permissions. Users can then email as themselves or the shared address.

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